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black bear, moose & migratory birds

Hunting at Damville, a family affair

Guided big game hunt, ethical and respectful
black bear, moose, wolf on private land

Our territory of private rights, vast of 11,300 hectares, offers a diversified biotope. Vast and dense forests, 43 lakes and their beaches suitable for the passage of large animals, pyres offering precious perspectives, vast expanses with the ideal visibility to be on the lookout for the majestic moose.

Hunting is part of the DNA of an outfitter. And she's also part of the DNA of those who run Damville. Our guided hunt is led by a team of guides with recognized expertise and offering exclusive hunts for more than 10 years.

Moose stalking is a spectacle in itself, a whole ritual that you will discover with our experienced guides.

Our completely renewed equipment is placed at strategic points to offer you a guarantee of shooting opportunity.

Let us organize a memorable moose hunting trip in a context where comfort is not forgotten.

Do you like migratory hunting? then you have found the destination of your dreams. The Lac St Jean region is a recognized migration corridor that offers incredible opportunities for geese migrations in spring and fall. You just have to keep a cool head when the field turns white, incredible vision. Woodcock are also very present in our territories. Hunting is practiced there with dogs, it can be organized in addition to goose hunting, as well as superb wild duck pastimes.

Hunting migratory birds in Quebec
white goose, Canada goose, woodcock and ducks

Pour connaitre nos forfaits de chasse, prenez contact avec nos équipes :

- Votre contact France et Europe - Sandrine 0033(0) contact@pourvoiriedamville.com

- Votre contact pour le Canada et les Etats-Unis - Samuel 001(418) 618-8532

Our hunters talk about it the best.

Serge F.


I travel for hunting in Europe, Africa and I wanted to experience the migrant in the northern region of Quebec. I trust the Damville outfitter team and can only recommend them. Professionalism , seriousness, the team of these enthusiasts is no less faithful to the reputation of Quebecers, friendly and warm. I highly recommend to enthusiasts.

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